🐣 about-me

Hi, I’m Zhiao Wei, I have just obtained the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Cybersecurity from Sichuan University on 20 June 2023. Before I graduate, I have been actively involved in research during my time at the . Currently, I am working with …

I am sincerely grateful for the mentorship they have provided!!!!!😊

Research Interests

I am currently immersed in research focusing on the convergence of security and privacy within the realm of IoT and mobile devices. My exploration delves into the potential repercussions of vulnerabilities present in various smart devices, illustrating how they can significantly compromise real-life privacy. This encompasses an array of concerns, such as weak authentication mechanisms and inadvertent privacy breaches, spanning from smart homes and healthcare devices to wireless routers.

In the long term, my research aspirations center around the consistent enhancement of privacy-conscious security measures for both IoT and mobile devices. I maintain a strong conviction that the amalgamation of smart devices and research emphasizing privacy can wield a substantial and lasting impact.

Now, my research interests are mainly but not limited in these areas:

  1. Security and privacy for smartphone users: Developing security and privacy technologies that allow smartphone users to use mobile apps in a secure and privacy-protecting way.
  2. Security and privacy for smart device users: How can we construct security and privacy technologies to effectively prevent the leakage of users’ private data?
  3. Unauthorized Access: How can we prevent unauthorized access in a multi-device environment, ensuring each user adheres to their access privileges?

🔥 News

  • 2023.08.09:  🎉🎉 My personal website was established today!

📝 Publications


  • 2022, A knowledge graph-based IoT vulnerability security analysis method and system
  • 2022, A fuzz testing vulnerability mining method based on dynamic coverage-guided algorithm

🎖 Honors and Awards

  • 2021.10, 3th, The datacon2021 Supply Chain and IoT Automation Vulnerability Mining Competition.
  • 2021.07, 3th, The Final of the 4th National College Students’ Computer Skill Application Contest.
  • 2021.04, H, American Mathematical Contest in Modeling for College Students.
  • 2020.10, 1th, The Sichuan University First Prize Scholarship.
  • 2020.06, 1th, The 17th National College Students’ Security and Confrontation Technology Contest.
  • 2019.05, 2th, The Sichuan University Network Space Security Skill Competition for College Students.

📖 Educations

  • 2019.09 - 2023.06, Bachelor of Engineering in Cybersecurity, Sichuan University.

💻 Internships

  • 2021 - 2022, System Security Intern, the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences ( ISCAS ) .

🐹 Miscellaneous


This is my personal blog: uranusky.top~ I usually post study notes and some interesting stuff 0v0!


In my free time, I’ll be playing my guitar on bilibili, so welcome to enjoy😊!


I’m taking care of an adorable hamster who is 9 months old (almost 1/3 of her life)! She enjoys sleeping, eating, and running on the wheel. ~~

lots of cute pics here!


Capybara is currently my favorite animal! I’m also named after it~~🥰